Staff Members

Mrs. Tara Webber

Mrs. Tara Webber

Chief Executive Officer

Educational Staff

Ms. Alamo, Omaira — Classroom Assistant
Ms. Annechino, Christina — English Language Development Teacher
Ms. Behrndt, Sarah — Building Support Teacher
Mrs. Cabrera, Karina — Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Mejias, Brenda — Classroom Assistant
Ms. Rafferty, Meghan — First Grade Teacher
Mrs. Riess, Nicole — Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Yankanich, Kate — Special Education Teacher

Professional Arts Instructors

Sensei Martin, Carl — Karate Instructor
Dr. Cleland, Fran — Physical Education Instructor, WCU
Boy Scouts of America
Girl Scouts of the USA
YMCA — Swimming Instructors
Ms. Liao, Lingchin — Violin & Drumming Instructor
Ms. Juleskusky, Madi — Music Teacher
Ms. Amanda Daley — Story Time Yoga
Ms. Martha Kirby — Healthy Cooking

Building Support Staff
Ms. Schmidt, Sandra — School Nurse
Ms. Feliciano, Ana — Administrative Assistant

Special Support Staff

Mrs. Barrett, Julie — Speech & Language Therapist
Mrs. Goss, Monica — Bi-lingual Speech & Language Pathologist
Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy provided by Austill’s

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