Staff Members

Mrs. Flynn, Susan

Mrs. Flynn, Susan

Chief Executive Officer

Susan Flynn was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Penn State University with B.S. in Elementary Education and has earned a graduate degree in Special Education from West Chester University.

Susan has taught for 28 years in both public and charter schools. Dedicated to education, she has been with the Chester County Family Academy (CCFA) for more than two decades. Susan embodies the heart of being a leader and advocate for children, demonstrating unquestionable empathy and understanding to the individual needs of all students and their families. At CCFA, she exercises this mindset daily, addressing the economic, emotional and academic challenges of all her students.

Susan has developed partnerships with many non-profit foundations and businesses in the community to enhance the lives of the children at CCFA. Susan truly believes the most important key to success is working together as a community to support education, in addition to, insuring students are provided with the basic needs for their families.

She lives in Chester Springs, Pa married to her wonderful husband, Marty, for 38 years, Susan has three children, and two grandchildren, all of whom, she adores. She has taught her own children well, but she believes she has learned so much more from them.


Educational Staff

Ms. Alamo, Omaira — Classroom Assistant
Ms. Behrndt, Sarah — Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Feliciano, Ana — English Language Assistant
Mrs. Guidotti, Anne — English Language Development Teacher
Mrs. Manion, Rose— Academic Coordinator
Mrs. Mejias, Brenda — Classroom Assistant
Ms. Rafferty, Meghan — First Grade Teacher
Mrs. Riess, Nicole — Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Rogowski, Kristina — Classroom Assistant
Ms. Stonewall, Shaniece — Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher
Ms. Yankanich, Kate — Building Support Teacher



Professional Arts Instructors

Sensei Martin, Carl — Karate Instructor
Dr. Cleland, Fran — Physical Education Instructor, WCU
Boy Scouts of America
Girl Scouts of the USA
Ms. Liao, Lingchin — Suzuki Violin & Guitar Instructor
YMCA — Swimming Instructors
TBD — Music/Voice Instructor
TBD — African Drumming Instructor

Building Support Staff
Ms. Bradley, Sandra — School Translator
TBD — Administrative Assistant
Ms. Schmidt, Sandra — School Nurse


Special Support Staff

Dr. Tolbert, Alfred — Speech & Language Pathologist
Mrs. Barrett, Julie — Speech & Language Therapist
Mrs. Goss, Monica — Bi-lingual Speech & Language Pathologist
Mrs. Baratta Ph.D., Victoria — School Psychologist
Occupational Therapy provided by Austill’s

The future of our world is linked to the natural development of our most precious resource - children!