School History

Est. 1997

An all inclusive hands-on, hearts-on, and heads-on program of action and discovery. 

Chester County Family Academy is a Pennsylvania Charter School located in Chester County, PA. The school was founded in August 1997 by an educator (Lorraine Andersen), a businesswoman/lawyer (Evelyn Walker), and a social service/human service provider (Miriam Wheeler) to carry on the vision of Richard and Sheila Stanford: “to provide a private school [education] to make a difference in the lives of children.” Chester County Family Academy, or CCFA, was one of the first six charter schools in Pennsylvania and was the first charter school to be renewed in the state.

CCFA is based on an experiential model of learning, which includes planning, producing, and pondering. CCFA’s curriculum is aligned with the PA Core Standards and research-based techniques and curricula serve as the foundation of instruction. Moreover, CCFA utilizes a thematic, science-based curriculum and also fosters engagement with and a love of the arts through programs such as African drumming, Music and Literacy, and violin lessons. CCFA offers a community-based approach to learning, participating in a variety of partnerships with organizations and individuals throughout the community. CCFA’s faculty and staff truly believe that students’ lives can be changed by a community of caring adults who strive to make their dreams a reality.

The future of our world is linked to the natural development of our most precious resource - children!