Our Mission & Vision Realized

“Our family would like to say thank you for everything you have done for Lucas and his family over the past several years. From kindergarten through second grade, we have been blessed to have all of you in his life. Yes, he has grown but the knowledge he holds has been delivered perfectly by amazing teachers and staff. You all have made going to school an absolute joy! We’d also like to thank those who help CCFA, the Chester County Sheriffs, Chester County Food Bank, etc. The diversity within the school is not only good for the kids, but good for community. Overall, thank you for 3 amazing years and giving Lucas a great start to his education.”

The Pegler Family

I want to thank you so much for doing all that you do! Both of my kids were so grateful to have you in their lives! Thanks again, again and again!”

Iwana Newton - CCFA Parent

Thank you for another great year at CCFA. Since I started at CCFA 4 years ago a lot has changed for the best. You truly are a great leader and always put the children first.

Sarah - CCFA Teacher

Dear CCFA,

From all of our “Grands” to all of your “Friends,” we THANK YOU for another wonderful year!

West Chester Area Senior Center

Dear CCFA Staff,

We appreciate all you have done for our family!

Mary Ann, Eliezeir and Elija

Dear CCFA Staff,

Thank all of you for the awesome job you do. the kids can be a little loud at times but they are so bright, respectful, and amazing! You should be so proud!

Miss Margie ~ Bus Aide

It never ceases to amaze me what a wonderful influence you are on the children and their families at CCFA. I love being apart of the annual CCFA graduation picnic. Thank you to you and the school for the partnership in making it a success year after year!

Susie ~ CCFA Partner

The future of our world is linked to the natural development of our most precious resource - children!